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Discover an unsurpassed premium taste with our salted pistachios. Each nut is carefully selected to meet high quality standards, guaranteeing you only the best. Roasting at the perfect temperature and time gives pistachios a deep flavor and crunchy texture, while a light salting accentuates the natural flavor, making them the perfect treat for any occasion.


The main advantage of blanched hazelnuts is their rich composition. It contains a lot of active biological components that have a healing effect on the entire human body. You can buy blanched hazelnuts from us by calling the specified number or placing an order.


Raw cashews bring the maximum benefit to the human body only if they are of sufficient quality. In the online store, you can order only a first-class product, the composition of which is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutritional components useful for the body.


We offer you to buy peeled walnuts with delivery. These are whole kernels that can be enjoyed simply or added to various dishes. In addition, the nut itself is incredibly useful and necessary for good health.


Roasted almonds have a pronounced taste and a pleasant aroma. It is often used to prepare hot dishes and desserts. In addition, the carefully roasted kernels of this nut can bring a lot of benefits to a person. They contain a whole source of nutrients needed by the body to maintain tone throughout the day.


Our online store offers you to buy roasted salted peanuts at an affordable price. We offer only a natural product, the delivery of which can be ordered anywhere.


Pecan nuts are able not only to give unforgettable taste sensations, but also to bring a lot of benefits to human health. These fruits contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins and chemical compounds that help normalize the work of some organs, increase immunity and energize a person for the whole day.

Apricot pits

Apricot pits are a source of a large number of enzymes and nutrients. But this product can bring the maximum benefit to the human body only when it has a sufficiently high quality. The online store offers to buy apricot pits that do not contain dyes and other food additives.

Pine nut

The price of pine nut is not very low due to the difficulty of its extraction. At the same time, in our online store you can buy pine nuts at the lowest prices in the country. It is enough to choose the weight of nuts you need and place an order. Our managers will answer all questions.

Mix of roasted nuts

Ingredients: Roasted Cashew, Roasted Almond, Blanched Hazelnut

Mix of nuts with coconut and banana

Ingredients: blanched hazelnuts, raw almonds, coconut cubes, banana chips, assorted candied fruits

Mix of nuts with cranberries

Ingredients: Raw cashews, roasted almonds, blanched hazelnuts, cranberries, Jumbo black raisins

How to place an order on our website for nuts with honey?

If you want to buy nuts with honey in our online store, you have made the right decision. You can buy honey with walnuts at a price that will pleasantly surprise you right now. In order to place an order on our website, you need to perform the following algorithm of actions:

Go to the site and choose the most suitable volume for you.
Fill out a special form on the website, and enter the data for product delivery and the form of payment you have chosen.
Wait for a call from the manager to confirm the order.

We guarantee that you will definitely be satisfied with cooperation with us. We have only high-quality products, the composition of which includes only natural components.


In our online store wowfoods.com.ua, you can buy different types of nuts with delivery based on your taste preferences: salted nuts, fried nuts, peeled nuts, dried nuts or blanched nuts.

We offer to your attention to buy tasty and high-quality nuts at a favorable price of the following types: walnuts (walnuts), almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans, cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pine nuts.

We, in turn, guarantee you the high quality and wide range of this tasty and very nutritious product.








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